Our Mission

Roasts for Coasts Coffee Co. was founded along side the passion for giving back to the planet. We are here to not only sell outstanding coffee, but to also donate a portion of our profits to organizations that ensure the survival and protection of our wonderful marine life and the ecosystems upon which they live.

We have partnered with non-profits that help clean the oceans and beaches of plastic - creating a fun and safe environment for us and our sea life, help protect sea turtles and their nests, and work to preserve our national parks along the coasts.

Fighting the

World of Plastic

It is estimated that up to 13 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year - the equivalent to a full truckload of garbage every minute. Over the past 50 years, world plastic production has doubled resulting in a massive increase of plastics in our ocean - 95% of which are carried to our oceans by rivers. Researchers have estimated that by the year 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Through campaigns, programs, educational initiatives, and a growing network of volunteers, our partners can carry out our mission to reduce the amount of plastic that reaches our oceans for years to come.

Saving our endangered

Sea Turtles

There are seven species of marine turtles found throughout the world - all of which are endangered but there are three that are critically endangered: Leatherbacks, Hawksbill, and Kemp's Ridley turtles. Over the last 200 years, human activities made a serious impact against the survival of these beloved ancient creatures. Slaughtered for their eggs, meat, skin, and shells, tens of thousands of these creatures are lost every year. Sea turtles also face habitiat destruction, accidental capture in fishing gear and climate change. For every 1,000 sea turtle eggs laid, only about one turtle reaches adulthood due to these obsitcals and natural predators.

Preserve and enhance our

National Parks

Through our partnership with Outer Banks Forever, we have the opportunity to support the three national parks in the Outer Banks of North Carolina - Cape Hatteras National Seashore, the Wright Brothers National Memorial, and Fort Raleigh National Historic Site. These national parks protect the nature, history, and spirit of freedom in the Outer Banks. With your support, Outer Banks Forever will ensure that future generations can continue to learn, grow, and create memories in the Outer Banks through history, conservation, and the celebration of innovation.